Our energy management includes a variety of off grid energy production, consumption and monitoring within the commercial, industrial, education and residential sectors. The key objectives are cost savings and resource management. We work closely with our clients to ensure that energy management is effectively integrated in their organizational structure and operations. Our services are:


Facility Management

We understand that a huge proportion of operating cost or buildings are from energy procurement and consumption and our team ensures that our client have access to their energy need at a reduced cost.


Energy Broker Services

 With the deregulated Nigeria energy market we understand how challenging it is for most business to procure reduced energy prices especially with daily price changes in market and the periodic price companion to variety of suppliers.

Crestflow provides valuable services especially as we work with a large number of suppliers with daily compilation and comparison of prices from our suppliers. We offer:

Energy Procurement: With our years of experience in the energy buying market and our network of big suppliers and small retailers, we promote exceptional energy procurement services.

Aggregate services: Our aggregate approach offers highly competitive energy procurement services that enables small mid-market clients to benefit from the economics of bundle sales while minimizing market risk. This is achieved via subscribing for membership on our aggregate platform fully co-ordinated and managed by Crestflow energy.

Energy compliance: we ensure that our clients do not run into any issues relating to regulatory compliance by ensuring that your compliance processes, strategies and responses are always up-to-date with best practice energy management programs that deliver value in the long term.

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