Green Meets Design:

This project partners with leading building design and development firms in  procuring and setting up an alternative green energy solution for their buildings. With the push towards sustainability and the need to reduce greenhouse gases, investments in solar power has in recent years become a more desirable alternative energy source that architecture is adapting to incorporating solar panels into the design of their buildings or integrating them seamlessly into existing buildings.

Recent developments in solar panel designs have created the highly aesthetic Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics (BIPVs) systems integrated within a building during its 
building phase. It means that they can be planned and built/constructed along with a building or integrated later on. The specific tasks involved require cooperation of many different experts such as architects, civil engineers and PV system designers to achieve interesting architectural visual effects.


Sustainable Estates:

The universe around our surroundings are changing rapidly with emergent concerns about energy security, water shortage, pollution to revolutionary developments in renewable energy.

In our sustainable estate projects, we synergize with estate developers to create a sustainable living environment that enhances living conditions, access to energy whilst improving building images and long term value of your properties.

The projects provides varieties of upgrade options depending on the outcome of our site evaluation exercises using unique sustainable strategic tools. Our services includes:



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